SHERQ Health & Safety and Environmental Legal Compliance Audits and Management System Audits are an integral method used by organisations during which they are able ensure Legal and Management System Compliance.

Whether or not you have an Internal Audit service, it is a good idea to consider external independent audits of your service offerings especially for those who working with critical goods or service i.e a failure of which may be catastrophic.

Our audits will show exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and whether your performance is up to standard. It will act as a benchmark from which you can form a health,  safety and environmental plan.

Safety, Health and Environmental Audits & Policies:

We offer a full Safety, Health and Environmental Audit Service. Our Safety, Health and Environmental Audits includes a FREE Safety, Health and Environmental Risk Assessment Training Workshop (for as many delegates as you wish) and a FREE risk assessments to give you a head start towards legal compliance. The workshop teaches individuals how to carry out their own risk assessments enabling you to have plenty of assessors available to complete future work. 

Our Safety, Health and Environmental Audit considers all facets of your safety, health and Environmental management system providing a pre-control risk assessment, a summary of necessary actions/controls required, followed by a post action/control projected risk rate.  Quite simply we raise the issues then provide a detailed solution on a facet by facet basis on how to resolve any points that we find that may require attention. 

Our auditors will examine your own management policies and procedures for securing health, safety and environment. This is supported by a tour of inspection which will help identify areas where new policies are needed, and where existing procedures are not working effectively in practice.

Gennda provides a huge range of services from legal compliance audits to integrated safety, health and environmental audits.

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