GENNDA provides top quality consultancy and support service to our clients nationwide. We have a huge and extensive pool of competent and experienced practitioners and a proven track record in providing wide ranging SHERQ consulting services across many industrial sectors. Our consultants have process, mechanical and electrical safety expertise which makes our solutions both legally compliant and beneficial from the perspective of potential cost reductions and savings. Gennda Consulting offers a complete range of consulting services, including design, implementation and review of business processes

Construction Health, Safety and Environmental

Conduct accident/Incident investigations

General SHEQ Consulting Services

Health and Safety Officer Placements

SHEQ systems design & development

First Aider Placements on site

Construction safety system Kit

Planning, design and development of EHS risk registers

Integrated SHEQ System Kit for the General Industry (OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001)

SHEQ System Kit for Office Environments

Development of Management Systems as per client specifications

Occupational Health & Safety Products

Business Process Analysis & Modelling

Auditing & GAP Analysis

Workplace Risk Assessments

Planning and design of disaster preparedness and recovery plans

Issue Base Assessment

Due diligence audits

Legal Compliance Auditing

Site Contractor management

Fire Safety Engineering

Process Safety

Behavioural Based Safety

Machinery & Plant Safety

OHSAS 18001 Services

Occ. & Environmental Noise

Occ. Hygiene Services

Ergonomics Consulting Services

Safety Consultancy

Our Standard Consulting Package for New Clients

The Service Packages

Professional Development Training

Training Services and Courses

Construction Safety

Our passion for Occupational Health and Safety goes beyond training and consulting – our clients are at liberty to call us at any time to ask for trouble shooting solutions in their operations free of charge. We have made it our ultimate business and culture to ensure correct prevention and management of any kind of incidents in every industry on planet earth. For this reason, it is imperative that we give every client the individual attention they deserve in their particular work environment.

We are committed to rendering a professional service second to none, and therefore we only employ skilled and experienced specialists that are specifically skilled in assisting with our clientele’s specific needs.   

Should you require any additional information, you are welcome to contact our offices at any time on our contact details provided.

We will be proud to be of service to you and you can rest assured of our commitment to your company/business undertaking at all times.

N.B.  We also conduct tailor made training specific to your needs!