Conduct accident/Incident investigations

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Disaster Management


We offer Conduct accident/Incident investigations in the consulting department.
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Effective accident investigation is a key measure in improving your company safety and/or risk management system. The investigation takes two reactive steps:

Step 1: The accurate identification of the root cause and contributory factors of any accident is key to the whole process. It is very easy to go wrong at this stage of the investigation, and this error can be fatal. GENNDA experts will guide you through this process in an independent non-judgemental way.

Step 2: The identification of practical and effective control measures that will prevent a recurrence of the event in the future. These measures will, if correct, effectively prevent future loss to your organisation whether it is human loss (fatalities or injuries) or financial loss (damage to equipment or raw material or product, etc). The correct implementation of practical corrective measures will ensure the company makes great savings in the future in terms of human and financial costs.

GENNDA have been involved in both civil and criminal cases over many years. We have worked for both the plaintiff and for the defendant. Let GENNDA investigate your accidents or incidents. We apply our tried and tested methodologies ensuring that you will learn valuable lessons from each investigation thereby preventing a recurrence of similar events and saving your organisation from avoidable costs in the future.

Effective management of health and safety requires that lessons are learnt when things go wrong. An immediate and thorough investigation of all incidents is essential to accident prevention. GENNDA  provides a rapid response in the event of an accident to identify the root causes and recommend actions to prevent re-occurrence.