Our Standard Consulting Package for New Clients

We offer this service in the following divisions:


We offer Our Standard Consulting Package for New Clients in the training department.
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We offer the following 10 step program to assist a new organisation in setting out and implementing a comprehensive occupational risk control programme in the shortest possible time:

Phase One : Consultation with organisation to determine the scope of operation.

Phase Two : Completion of baseline information by organisation.

Phase Three : Baseline audit to familiarise our consulting professionals with the processes and current status of existing programmes organisation.

Phase Four : Assisting with minimum legal compliance and appointments as required by legislation.

Phase Five  : Proposal of minimum legal Compliance training and Relevant courses.

Phase Six : Personnel Training. 

Phase Seven : Internal audit by our specialists in Each of the SHERQ respective Fields. 

Phase Eight : Feedback and Audit reports.

Phase Nine : Follow up consultation to ensure complete and effective implementation process.

Phase Ten : External Audit and Systems Review.