Process Safety

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We offer Process Safety in the training department.
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GENNDA is a leading provider of Process Safety Services nationwide. Our consulting teams are experienced chemical engineers and provide advice, training and practical process safety solutions. Our Engineers will identify the hazard and assess the risks within your process and then specify the protective measures needed to either reduce the exposure or contain the hazard fully.

GENNDA carry out various hazard identification processes such as Hazop, Hazan, Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, Structured What If Techniques (SWIFT), etc. We also support the identification of critical equipment now requested by many HSA inspectors on routine site visits.

The main technique used by clients for process safety hazard identification is Hazop. CMSE provide a tailor made two day training course for Hazop attendees. We also provide experts to chair your Hazop, or Hazop scribes to record the results or expert Hazop attendees to enhance the hazard identification process and to ensure that controls are neither too weak or too onerous and impractical.